In bad faith, Frank Vogel and the Lakers accuse arbitration

In bad faith, Frank Vogel and the Lakers accuse arbitration

Frank Vogel attacked the refereeing after Game 5. He did not appreciate the foul whistled to Anthony Davis at the end of the match. But he is wrong.

Bad losers, Frank Vogel and the Los Angeles Lakers?

The California franchise technician admitted that his side could have done better in the Game 5 loss, but he also let loose on the referee. He clearly didn’t appreciate that Jimmy Butler was allowed to go twice to the free throw line in the last minute:

“I have a feeling that two bad whistles at the end sent Butler to the line. (…) Anthony Davis rode perfectly straight, and the game should have continued. And the time before, Markieff Morris had his hand on the ball, that should have kept playing too. They gave him four shots and made this game very difficult for us. I am very disappointed with this aspect of the game. But our group is doing well. We’re going to bounce back, ”said Frank Vogel in the post-game conference.

Frank Vogel: “A difficult loss to swallow. We came very close ”Anthony Davis: No pressure

Yeah. We can understand how bad he is. After all, the Lakers were NBA champions with 17 seconds remaining. It stings a bit not to conclude. But from there to accusing the referees of having given the match to Jimmy Butler, you have to be damn solid on your feet …

LeBron vs Jimmy, it was really the clash of the titans

The first of two faults in Vogel’s sight came 46 seconds from time. The Lakers lead by one point, Jimmy Butler attacks the circle and picks up speed Anthony Davis and Markieff Morris intervenes. Nothing shameful about this whistle, far from it. Thanks to a 2/2 by their leader, the Miami Heat regained a lead.

On the second, we felt from the action that the Lakers would talk about it in a press conference. The coach of the Lakers, but also LeBron James and the players seemed annoyed by this whistle. Yet again, nothing scandalous.

As they led by one point again on a Davis follow-up, Erik Spoelstra took a time-out and set up his action. For Jimmy Butler, of course, who thanks to a back screen focused on LeBron James, opened the way to the circle. Slightly behind the assist, Anthony Davis did not stay upright and did indeed foul. Contrary to what Frank Vogel may think. The Heat got back to the front, 109-108, before snatching a Game 6.

In a match where the two teams had roughly the same number of throws (21 and 22) and whistles (21 and 19), it is still difficult to go and complain about these two faults. … We understand that he is disappointed not to be celebrating the title, but it is absolutely not the referees’ fault on this one .